We are home !

So Gratitude, it’s skipper and crew are all home in Poole now (nearly 24 hours ago but I’m only just finding my land legs again !) The passage from Falmouth to Weymouth went well and after a good night’s kip we were joined by family so as to spend a day out at Nothe Fort ………. if you haven’t been, you have to go !

We then started the last leg of our endeavour to get Gratitude home to Poole in the early evening. We were just behind the lifeboat going out on a shout – you have to admire them, they were scrambled so quickly and who knows what life saving event they were going to, I have nothing but admiration for their dedication and courage.

It’s very comforting seeing landmarks you know along the coastline as you approach home:- Lulworth Cove, St Aldhelm’s Head, Durlston and then Old Harry Rocks outlined under a beautiful red sky. It’s not long before we are along side at Parkstone Yacht Club. Gratitude is most certainly home but there are more adventures to come !

Approaching Old Harry Rocks
Nearly Home !
Gratitude in Weymouth Marina

2 responses to “We are home !”

  1. Excellent ⛵👏👏👏


  2. How exciting and worth the trip. Welcome home


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