So the journey home continues

Back overland to Milford Haven Marina where Gratitude is waiting patiently to be taken home. So the time to cast off is planned for 06.30 to negotiate the lock and then out to sea, we expect to be around 36 hours until we dock again. This is all well and good but as it turns out we are cursed with the Friday the 13th ! the autopilot develops an issue which is expertly fixed by the skipper, then we have a breakage on the aft locker (this will have to wait until we get home to be fixed) and then there is a malfunction in the heads ! well they say it all happens in threes – again, this is expertly fixed by skipper (my son) but we do hope nothing else occurs. Thankfully, as we sail through the night we pass Friday the 13th and then we make the monumental pass around Lands End (see video) – we are now travelling east and it seems so much more like we are coming home ! In to Falmouth for a well earned bit of R & R before we set off again later today, heading for Weymouth and home.

Never too much rope !

2 responses to “So the journey home continues”

  1. Hallelujah, you’re in Cornwall πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


  2. Beautifully composed ditty on a sailing journey, seas look calm and progress seems assured, hope the gremlins have finished their work and remainder of passage is swift and sure. Hope you see Poole soon. Bon voyage. P and Is’ x


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