Is Gratitude coming home ?

So we bought a boat in Borth, north Wales which is a long way from home in Poole ! Gratitude is a 31 foot Dehler, built in 1986 and it was first registered in Poole so bringing it home seemed about right but it was going to be quite a sea passage to get it there. Having the boat lifted in to the water after being up on it’s cradle in the boatyard for 18 months was the first step. We motored out of the estuary and then turned south and hoisted the sail ! As with all things shipshape not everything goes to plan every time, we experienced a reefing issue and decided to call in to the next marina so as to sort. So here we are in Aberystwth on a beautiful sunny day in mid April, the reefing issue sorted and we set sail again later today.


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